Our extensive real estate experience in single and multi-family properties enable us to offer a complete and direct contact service to provide asset managers the best representation and service.

We are certified by NAR in BPOR as well as ePro.

Cheryl Hanna

Cheryl Hanna

M: (732) 513-5982


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Cheryl Hanna

Erika Atkins

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How we can help you:

Dedicated to excellence when selling bank owned listings in order to net the highest and best deal for our clients.

We make it easy for bank managers, asset management companies and BPO companies to expertly and efficiently handle the following:

  • Listing BPOs with pre-foreclosure analysis when applicable
  • Billing
  • Evictions
  • Cash for Keys
  • Relocation assistance
  • Prelist management
  • Code violations
  • Accurate reporting and budgeting abilities
  • Permit remediation
  • Professional estimates and repairs with reputable vendors
  • Arrangements to secure property, safety violations, trashouts, rekeys, etc.

Our areas of service include:

Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Park, Juno Beach, Singer Island, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, The Acreage, Abacoa, Jupiter Farms, Loxahatchee and Tequesta.

Attention buyers! Are you interested in purchasing a bank-owned property?

What is a REO?

It’s interesting to recognize that a foreclosure and an REO are essentially the same; however an REO designates the completion of the long foreclosure process.

Cheryl Hanna and Erika Atkins are real estate professionals who specialize in listing foreclosed properties directly from the bank’s asset management companies. These companies represent the investors, credit unions, mortgage companies, and other financial organizations that have purchased the properties for resale to the public. Unlike properties in the foreclosure process or being sold at auction, lenders can profit from REOs.

Of course the properties offered can range from ghastly to gorgeous, and even though a buyer is traditionally not going to procure a “steal,” he/she is still likely to get good value for the amount of money being spent to buy the property. Banks are not excited about owning the homes or being landlords, nor do they have time or the inclination to repair those that might need work. The final decision however, is always at the discretion of the bank and their appointed representatives.

When thinking about purchasing a REO property, keep in mind that banks may take multiple bids and rarely offer any funding. Properties are usually sold in “as is” condition, but do provide the prospective purchaser with a home inspection contingency in order to make an informed decision as to the true condition of the property (what can be seen and perhaps what can’t be seen).

REO property contracts often see lenders accepting less deposit for purchasers; however pre-qualification by certain affiliated bank representatives may be needed. Once prequalified and approved, a prospective buyer may procure his financing wherever he wishes. Many times the REO will pay closing costs and offer other incentives, and remember a prospective buyer doesn’t have to worry about flawed titles, back taxes or other assessments since they have traditionally already been taken care of during the foreclosure process.

Let either Cheryl Hanna or Erika Atkins help you to purchase your home and realize the American dream.


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